You Are The Summer / Impostor

by Neil Milton

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released May 18, 2018

Written, performed, recorded, and mixed by Neil Milton


all rights reserved



too many fireworks records Warszawa, Poland

an indie label from Warsaw in Poland via Glasgow in Scotland.

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Track Name: You Are The Summer
I'm locked inside a room of my own making and I can't escape
The winter's over but she won't let me go, she's got me in her grip
I slip away to come and meet you by the station
the promise of a day spent beneath the sun

You are the summer
From you, the feeling flows

Distant memories of snow-covered cars and of the icy ponds
Are left behind us as we walk through the park in the mid-morning heat
Your pale skin shimmers and reflects the golden sunshine
Your dark eyes show us summer skies are always blue

You are the summer
From you, the feeling flows

A year without the summer is a year spent without love

You are the summer
From you, the feeling flows

You are the summer
From you, the sunshine glows

You are the summer
From you, the feeling flows
Track Name: Impostor
Sleeping under a blue-sky bridge
Until the blue turns grey
Passing time with a dream of Camus
Another sunny day
An afternoon slipping away

A teenage evening waiting tables
Living in your own head
Sketching stories of lovers and loss
And what those lovers said
And what they might have said instead

Yet you never sit down to write
These new ideas grow old
Always scared that the world will judge you
The fear that leaves you cold
The words that remain untold
Until you break the hold

What did those lovers say
How will you write it your way

In the morning you'll write it down
And hope that it makes sense
Weaving poems of post-modern angst
A future in past tense
A safe last line of defence

Another sunny day
An afternoon dreaming away

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